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GDG Cairo Organizers

This page introduce GDG Cairo Organizers and their activity, along with details on how to become an active organizer and join a team.

List of Organizers

This spreadsheet (only view-able by organizers) contains the list of organizers along with all their details. Items marked in red means critical and need to be adjusted soon, so if any of your items is marked in red, then you have to take action, and send an updated data to correct them.
The list contains members of the Google Group only, this is a required step to be able to become an organizer and get listed.

Team #1, #2, #3

This is supposed to be your team selection, you are required to select at least one only team, from [Planning], [Media], and [FR] (Fund Raising). The other teams are optional and based on your preference. If you didn't choose a team yet, you'll get a red background along your name. If you did choose a team but didn't join the team's Google Group, you'll get a red under your team selection and you won't get the badge (a background color defining your team).

Email and Phone

If requested, you can hide your phone and/or email. If you prefer not sharing your phone number at all it's also ok, but you can't prevent the admins from having your email, this is the least way of communication available. Having a phone in red means that it's not correct, and having the email in red means that it's not correct or not gmail, gmail is preferred to facilitate all our work.

M#1, M#2, ...etc and SUM

The team meeting, if you attended the meeting you get a green spot, if you didn't you get a yellow. Yellow is mainly because you are not required to attend all the meetings but at least most of them. And hence the SUM, it's the sum of attended meetings. You also get 3 ranks: Green: If you attended at least 2 meetings within the last 3 meetings. Orange: If you attended at least 1 meeting within the last 3 meetings. Red: If you didn't attend any of the last three meetings.

Division of Teams

Teams are currently divided into three committees only, the more we grow, the more we will have committees and divisions.
If you are a member of a specific team, then keep all your communication related to that team inside its Google Group. If you have something to share with all the organizers, then use the main Cairo-GTUG Organizers Google Group.


This committee is responsible for planning the events and organize the connection between the other committees. And resposible for all organizer’s work.


This committee is responsible for the registration process online & responsible for rearranging the Google+ Page, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And responsible for online marketing, designing posters, fliers, …etc. Also make videos and the other online marketing tools.

Fund Raising

This committee is responsible of the relations between us and the companies that will make sponsorship with us in our events.