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GDG Cairo | GTUG has a new name: GDG!

posted May 22, 2012, 12:35 PM by A.Mahdy AbdelAziz   [ updated May 30, 2017, 7:49 AM ]
If you attended our last event (meeting #6), you'll be familiar with this announcement.
GTUG decided to re-brand, and change its name to be GDG.

GDG stands for Google Developer Groups, our group is now called GDG Cairo. So yes! it's a total new re-branding for our old beloved Cairo-GTUG.
It wasn't an easy decision to take though. The team of organizers have been discussing this for a while and we finally took the decision to move. It's a decision taken by GTUGs all around the world. For a complete details about this change, why, and the whole history, you can check this FAQ.

So now what?
Basically all our logos will get changed, our social channels will get re-branded, and our mailing list will get updated too.
Stay tuned about all the changes, they will be listed here.

Here are the current changes:
1) The Facebook group is locked up. You can see the archive but it's no longer available for posting.
2) The Facebook page won't get changed. Its current current ID is "Cairo.GTUG" and we think it's useless to change the whole page for this. (Update: Facebook ID Fixed).
3) The Google+ page will get fully changed to the new brand.
4) This website will be moved into a new host/directory for GDGs.
5) Twitter will also get fully re-branded and our new tag is going to be @GDGCairo #GDGCairo.

Here are some art work for our new chapter:

 (Special thanks to our designer Nasser Ali).